Stinging Nettle ~ Urtica dioica

Yes is that plant that stings you when you walk by.  As if it is reaching out to say, "Notice me!  Use me!"  Well, you can use nettle and that is a good and lucky thing because nettle is a highly nutritive plant.  Nettle is a body wide tonic with an affinity for the mucous membranes, blood, kidneys and adrenals.  Nettle’s high vitamin, mineral and chlorophyll content feeds the endocrine glands, builds the blood, provides essential nutrients for a stressed out nervous system and nourishes the liver.  It will strengthen and revitalize weak kidneys thereby increasing energy.   It’s high amounts of iron and calcium increase hemoglobin in the blood encouraging increased oxygen transport to tissues.  It is high in vitamin K which facilities proper blood clotting.  Nettle activates the metabolism, therefore assisting in the absorption of the very nutrients it provides!  It is an astringent plant that tightens and firms tissues.  This action arrests bleeding and discharge from tissues, increasing their health and strength.

Nettle has a green, milky taste kind of like soup.


Ideas for using nettle:

Nettle Spanakopita

From First Snow to Chicken 'n' Dumplings


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