Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm is a cheery plant that eases anxiety while refreshing the nervous system and enhancing memory.  It helps lighten the load making it easier to be happy.   Lemon balm also helps in cases of insomina. It is great for kids who feel hot, icky and grouchy.   Lemon balm eases digestive upsets especially those associated with nervous stress.  It is wonderful for PMS with cramping and relieves crankiness.  Lemon balm is antiviral and helps clear excess mucus and heat from the body.  All this and it tastes so very good!  Excellent in infusions as well as added fresh to fruits and other foods that are enhanced by a lemony flavor.  You can even use the delicious leaves as a salad green or mince them up and add them to desserts.  The sky is the limit!